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Editorial Services

Sandra Wendel

Editing for indie authors writing on business/leadership, self-help, true crime. Work with a seasoned editor who literally wrote the award-winning book: Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing. Sample edit, assessment and project pricing for the level of edit your book needs and deserves. Free ebook and more information on editorial services.

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Decades of experience

Hugh Jackson

“You have been such an amazing help … I am eternally grateful. This has made my work
much more professional, and with such a swift reply to each piece of work”

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Years in the field: 8
Years freelancing: 8

Sharon Salonen


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Years in the field: 25
Years freelancing: 5

Emily Ruth Mace

My editorial philosophy is “words with care:” editing is a way of caring for both writers and their words.

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Years in the field: 5
Years freelancing: 1

Pam Ozaroff

I am an accomplished editor with decades of experience in academic, art, nonprofit, health, and educational publishing.

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Years in the field: 41
Years freelancing: 32

Jennifer Elizabeth Scott

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Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 10

Philip D. Rich

10 Hazelwood Terrace
Pittsfield, MA 01201-7218

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Years in the field: 44
Years freelancing: 7

Laura Bronson

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Frank Matej Cernik

Readers should be just as unable to forget you as they are to put down your book. More to the point, they shouldn’t just be readers: they should be fans. They should grab your book by the title page and demand “Who wrote you?” I can help you with that.

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Years in the field: 7
Years freelancing: 7

Rhonda Franz

Freelance editor and writer (yes, copy editor and copywriter) with an education specialty.

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Years in the field: 11
Years freelancing: 12

Kelsey Holmes

My services include Proofreading, Copy Editing, Line Editing, Developmental Editing, Manuscript Critique, Sensitivity Reading, Brainstorming, Research, and Free Beta Reading. I’m comfortable working with fiction, nonfiction, academic writing, professional websites, blogs, technical writing, and correspondence. I prefer Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative, and Nonfiction, but I’m not averse to working in other genres. Recent projects include self-help nonfiction, academic nonfiction, short stories, and flash fiction.

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Years in the field: 3
Years freelancing: 3

Pamela Frasier

I am a detail-oriented and accomplished copy editor, proofreader, and writer with more than 17 years of experience enhancing written works, identifying mistakes, checking facts, and working closely with writers and teams to generate elite-level content. I have significant experience using Chicago, AP, and APA style guides. My work experience includes the following:

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Years in the field: 21
Years freelancing: 4

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