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BookCAMP 2024: Writer Circles Improve Individual Member Success 📚📚

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Surveys show that Writers' Group membership contributes to increased success stories. Don will take you through the importance of a writers’ circle, and why they are such a valueable asset. He'll share the proven strategies that get results for members and motivate you to create your own. Lastly, his key strategies will show how to avoid the 'self-serving' and make it substantially beneficial for all involved! About Don Mazzella Donald P. Mazzella is the host Small Business Digest and is heard regularly commenting on politics nationally on national news shows. Has founded author groups who do not charge members. His latest book is Ruler of the Seas from Brick Tower Press; he co-authored seminal book on marketing to small business, The Janus Principle, Focusing Your Company On Selling To Small Business. Earlier in his career, he won a National Press Club award for best consumer story as leader of Income Opportunities magazine which was owned by Essence Communications. He has previous senior management and editorial experience with Thomson-Reuters, McGraw-Hill and Informatics in both the editorial and marketing functions. He holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from New York University.

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