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Ever since I can remember, I have always been on the hunt for new stories. Whether it was a comic, novel or a true story, I just couldn’t stop looking for more. When my friends started to ask me for book advice, I knew this was something I wanted to do—help people to find the perfect next adventure.

But good books start with good ideas and those authors and publishers making those books.  I want to help authors and publishers publish.  Providing resources and practical information they can use to better publish.  There will be resources and directories that any one in the publishing industry can find useful.

Our recommendations are honest and objective and are meant to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. I’m here to guide you through the myriad of books, and through the publishing process.  Let’s publish better and get lost in a good book together!


Ted Olczak, Publisher

Printed Word Reviews / BookCAMP magazine

Independent Press Award / NYC Big Book Award

Ted Olczak is the president of Printed Word Reviews, and manages the marketing for the Independent Press Award and the NYC Big Book Award.  Under the same names, he is the magazine publisher of the awards, and recently launched a quarterly magazine BookCAMP, which addresses authors and publishers' challenges of book publishing.
Olczak is a career-long publishing professional, Master's Degree in Marketing Management in Book and Magazine Publishing from New York University.

Olczak started in the 90's working with book & magazine publishing, and has personally worked with thousands of books, and hundreds of publishers and authors on how to position their book and create successful marketing plans including: Penguin Random House; Simon & Schuster; Readers Digest; Scholastic; Inner Traditions; Macmillan; St. Martin's Press; Weldon Owen; Workman; Chelsea Green; Abbeville (art books); American Express Publishing; Berrett-Koehler (Nonfiction); Charlesbridge (childrens); Chronicle Books; SOHO Publishing (Crime/Mystery); Candlewick (childrens); Dark Horse Comics; Harvard Business Press; Journalstone (Horror); Kensington Books (Young Adult/ Romance); New Harbinger (Psychology/Mental Health); North Atlantic Books (MBS/Cook/lifestyle); Sterling (Publishing arm of Barnes & Noble); Parragon; Osprey (Military); Vertical Inc. (Manga/Lit); Oceanview (Mystery);  Viz Media (Manga); etc.

His experience includes Independent Book Publishers Association, Independent Press Award, NYC Big Book Award; BookCAMP magazine; Publishers Weekly; National Business/Lifestyle Magazines (FORTUNE, Money, Delta, United, and 14 others); helped New York Magazine create its sister visitor publication IN-New York Magazine; Publisher of New York City Weddingpages for four years, created playbill and newsstand products and later sold business; managed News Communications Tribco's newspaper sales department with over a dozen representatives.  Forecasting, budgeting, excellent sales, marketing and event sales track history.  Motivated by and interested in "the challenge" & building businesses to succeed.

“You can't wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with a club"

Jack London

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